This is the underside of the bad spot in front of the driver's door, behind the front wheel:

Driver's floor:

Driver's floor between seat and door:

This is the area between the body and the frame under the driver's door:

Rear u nderside of driver's pan:

Driver's rear looking rearward:


Driver's side, front area of rear wheel well:

Back of driver's rear wheel well:

Driver's rear well where gas fill is located:

Very rear of car - gas tank:

Passenger fender behind rear wheel:

Front of rear passenger wheel well:

Underside of passenger rear wheel well:


Passenger side between body and frame:

Passenger pan:

Passenger side:

Passenger area behind front wheel well:

Passenger pan:

Passenger side looking forward:

Passenger floor:


Driver-side engine compartment/fender:


Driver frame from engine:


Area between grill and radiator:


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